Consulting/Freelance Services/Strategic Analytics/Create Ideal Corporate Culture/Recognize Opportunity/Streamline Processes/Improve Efficiency

Rachel Manning Resources provides business consulting as well as freelance services to complete short-term projects for specific outcomes. As a freelancer, my role is to take initial direction from the client and complete the assignment off-site determining the best strategy, timeline for completion, and deliverables.


As a consultant, my role is to provide detailed guidance and resources on a particular area of need and expertise such as operations, software, marketing, and sales. Depending on the scope of the project, more extensive consulting may lead to long-term or ongoing commitment to reach desired outcomes.

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Business Consulting

Business Analytics

Corporate Strategy

Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition

Software Implementation

Content Creation

New Venture Development 

Go-to-Market Strategy

Working with me and my team you'll be able to:

Implement New Technology & Software, Streamline Business Processes, Improve Internal Communication, Gain Marketing & Social Media Presence, Reduce Turnover, Increase Competition and Employee Autonomy.

If you are looking for Consulting Services or Content Creation, I have worked with companies to create or improve:

Internal Communication Spreadsheets, Performance Reports, Competition Research & Reports, Employee Handbook, Performance Evaluations, and much more.